Mould Restoration and Prevention in Your Home

The winter of 2013 brought miserable wet weather to most parts of the UK and many people are now suffering with mould problems in their home after flood damage. Mould is a fungus that occurs naturally but its place is not in your home. Its presence can cause problems for people who have weak respiratory systems and those susceptible to allergies. As well as this it causes damage to soft furnishings, paper, books and makes your walls and ceilings look dirty and unattractive.

UK 2013 floods


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10 Cleverly designed poster ads

We’ve all been through the insanity that’s called advertising today.

I ,personally, am repulsed by all the dull/dumb adverts that are constantly being thrown out in the open

by some wanna-be advertising agents and studios. With this post I`ll share with you some really creative and astonishing ads.

intelligence and creativity

Here goes:

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3 Easy Methods to Remove Carpet Stains

Cleaning stains from your carpets is always a challenge to completely remove all evidence of a spillage or mark. We’ve all battled with dabbing salt onto a wine stain, or soapy water onto blood, but the stain? And what happens when they don’t disappear from sight and instead ruin a perfectly good carpet? What can we do?

get professional carpet cleaners


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5 reasons to call in professional end of tenancy cleaners

When your tenancy is coming to an end you need a plan to ensure that you get a full refund of your initial leasing deposit as you move out and the best way to guarantee that is to call in the end of tenancy cleaning experts. This article will explain the jobs that they’ll do to leave the property exactly as you found it:

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​10 Reasons Your Carpets Need Professional Cleaning

We all like to keep a tidy and clean home but sometimes it’s the bigger cleaning jobs that get overlooked and having your carpets thoroughly cleaned is one of these jobs. If it’s been a while since you’ve deep cleaned your carpets then maybe it’s time to reconsider – read the following reasons to find out why.

stained carpet

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33 Amazing Photos of Riots and Protests All Over The World



Happy new year to all! I am starting the year with some pictures that will help bring back your faith in humanity.
With all the riots, protests and revolutions from the last year we need it.
Hope you like it.


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Romania and Bulgaria Strike Back

After the anti-immigrant campaign in the UK that is aiming to discourage the Bulgarians and Romanians from coming to Britain.
There had been campaigns that (if true) will be run in the UK to encourage UK citizens to come to visit, live, work or spend their vacations in the these to countries.


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