Sheffield 06/06/2015 – A Day Trip


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Don’t you just LOVE the word “micturate”?

Some things just fall into your lap.

At the excellent EastWestFest recently – and whilst applying some serious hammer  to the Five Towns’ May Day DIPA, myself, The Arch Nemesis and the mighty Deeekos had (apparently?) agreed to a pub crawl to a) Celebrate an excellent little festival of Northern beer, and b) Act as a counterpoint to the one I took Malcolm & pals on in Mancunia.

So, last Saturday, I battled my way through the throngs of young ladies headed to Parklife festival and off on to an absolutely PACKED train (thankful for reservations!) to Sheffield.

Now then. To me, this felt mightily weird. I am ordinarily the one who organises the pub crawls, but, on this occasion, my liver was in the hands of another. So it was with some trepidation that I fell out of the train (along with what…

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These 27 amazing cheat sheets will have you cooking like a pro


As some of you may know – I love cooking. Here’s some useful tips and recipes you can try.

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Cooking isn’t necessarily for everyone, but those of you looking to significantly improve your skills in the kitchen should check out the following 27 infographics, which contain some amazing tips that could speed up the learning process.

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Small Tasks that Add to the Deep Clean of Your Home

What can you add to your deep cleaning routine of your house?

The thorough cleansing of your residence is that comprehensive, merciless, cleaning that will surely keeps the value of the place you call home. Here are often neglected places where a little more effort wouldn’t hurt. These are the small tasks that add to the deep clean of your home. Continue reading

Hiring a Manchester Carpet Cleaning Company – Simple How To

How to find the best carpet cleaning company in Manchester with the best prices?

If you do not want to lose the warmth supplied by your carpets, you need to select one of the best carpet cleaning  services in Manchester. Whether you may have determined to maintain carpets in your bed room or lounge, the very best cleaning firms can keep them clean and protect their elegant look from sporting off. In any case, nothing will look worse than a ragged, dusty, and stained carpet that appears devoid of proper care and regular cleaning.

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The Importance Of Understanding Your Home Drainage System

Taking good care of your household drainage system

For you to take care of your drains, you firstly need to understand just what they are all about, and how putting different things down toilets can have differing affects.

All of the pipes that lead from your sinks, showers, toilets and bathtubs, including outside drains, all feed into one main drain pipe which connects to the residential drain line, eventually taking your waste away with all neighbouring houses’ to the main sewer. Continue reading

A Stripper’s Guide to Bristol


Nice one!

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Welcome to Bristol (c) Ally Katte Welcome to Bristol (c) Ally Katte

Where to stay:

If you choose to stay over while you’re here, take these points into consideration:

The Hilton Garden city centre hotel is NOT that close to the city centre but it is right next to the train station, so pick your priorities with that one.

Thanks to Eli Roth the term ‘Hostel’ now strikes fear into everyone’s hearts, but The Bristol Backpackers hostel, Full Moon hostel and Rock n Bowl hostel are all in great, central locations, clean but basic and cheap at as little as £20 for a private room, even less if in groups or sharing.

On arrival:

By Train

Its very, very unlikely that you will be performing anywhere near Bristol Parkway station, so unless told otherwise by your promoter always book your train to Bristol Temple Meads. It is a walkable distance to the city centre, 15…

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News recap and stuff that interested me – week 2

Hope you’ve enjoyed the first post.

During the past week there’s been a lot of things that happened and deserve to be mentioned so…

This is gonna be a looooong one, so please bear (pun intended) with me. I promise a potato at the end.



news recap week number-2

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