Do it Yourself Hawaiian Fishing Spear

Hawaiian Fishing Spear

Homemade Hawaiian fishing spear

Hello all.

Today I`m going to share with you how to make a Hawaiian spear or as you might find it Hawaiian Sling Pole Spear.

This is NOT a toy. It is a DANGEROUS weapon. Use it with caution!

You will need a few things that can easily be found in almost every household.

  1. For the pole you can use an old fishing rod, an aluminium pole, an old skiing pole (2 or 3 of these) or just a bamboo/wooden staff.
  2. For the prongs/tip you can use anything from old bike spokes or long nails to any type of stainless steel shafts.
  3. For the sling/slingholder – a pair of slingshot bands (sold for about 3 to 5 quid). A big enough nut so the bands will fit.
  4. A few nuts and bolts along with welding/soldering equipment and epoxy. Some grip tape for the handle.

The spear tip:

Tip of Hawaiian SpearYou need to start with the tip. Start by sharpening the tips of the spokes/nails and weld them together. If you don`t have the welding/solder tools you can use epoxy.
What I did – weld the prongs of the tip to the back of a nut.

For the body/pole:
I used an pair of old skiing poles. Removed the handles and tips.
Inserted a bolt in the tip of the pole and filled it with epoxy so that 2/3 of the bolt are sticking out. That way I can screw on the tip with the barbed prongs. By doing that you can make several tips so that if/when they break you can replace them on the spot. I did the same thing at the connection of the two pieces of skiing poles so that the spear can be taken apart easily. By doing this it’s easier to transport and carry around in a backpack.

The sling holder:
Use the solder/welder to put together two nuts perpendicularly and use the epoxy to stick it to the back of the spear. Get the sling through the nut in the back and you should be good to go.
Oh, I almost forgot – stick some grip tape to the spear so that it’s not that slippery underwater. This will ease the strain on your hands while fishing.

To finish it off – here’s some videos how other people do it.


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