Solingen Knives and Cutlery

This is going to a post about the so called “Solingen” brand of knives. 

solingen logoDo you know? Have you heard about the Solingen knives? 

Contrary to the popular belief Solingen is not a brand of knives but a city in Germany famous for its knife making families

There used to be more than a hundred families who made knives in the city of Solingen.

They all used the stamp “Solingen” along with the sing “Rostfrei” (Stainless) and another stamp that’s the symbol of the family.

Some of the most famous families in Solingen that are still making knives and all sorts of cutlery are Robert Klaas, Otter and a few other.

solingen knifesolingen brandOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

kissing crane robert klaas

Here’s a gallery of all family stamps who used to make daggers in Solingen.

There where a lot of people who made knives and cutlery in the city. So the variety of cutlery produced there is very impressive. 

You can easily find everything from straight razors, army knives (the ancestors of swiss army knives such as Victorinox and Wenger), daggers, hunting knives and kitchen cutlery to scissors and pruning knives.

Dovo Straight Razor – Solingen made



Swiss type army knife – Solingen made:

solingen swiss type knife


World War II army daggers: (Their blades are engraved with “Alle fur Detchland” which translates as “All for Germany”)

alles fur Deutchland All for Germany German dagger

german dagger WW2 world war two army knife WW2 dagger WW2 soldiers


An old hunting knife: 

solingen hunting knife


Similar knives are now produced by a company called Linder. It is close to mind that they have nothing to do with the quality that used to be back in the days. Don’t get me wrong – they have good knives but for the budget knives they are not using good steel and do not threat it thermally to its optimum.

An old pruning knife –

pruning knife


In the end I want to share with you my thoughts about the modern day produce that comes to our country and claims to be “Solingen made”. 

Almost all of the families/companies have now outsourced their production and it is not actually made in the city of Solingen. It’s all made in Poland/Turkey/China etc countries around the world where they have cheap enough work force to minimize the costs and maximize the profits. 

There are only a few families left there that actually make knives in the city. They all still have their mail/office addresses there so that they can legally stamp the knives with the “Solingen” brand. Other than that – no knives are made there any more. 




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