Basics of Freediving

I’ve recently got hooked to spearfishing and freediving.

apnea diving

The problem is that there isn’t much info on that topic on the net. So I`ll try to share with you some of the basics.

Lets see what you are going to need.

First of all you will need fins.

Depending on the type of diving you are going to practice there are several types of fins you can choose from. I`m not going to go through all the types of fins. Only the two types I think are the best for free/scuba diving and spearfishing.

Scuba/free-diving fins:

scuba finsopen shoe fins


With the scuba fins you can choose from 2 types of shoes. Open and closed. I personally prefer closed.



Spearfishing fins:

spearfishing fins


With the spearfishing fins again you have two choices. Fins with replaceable fins or with non-replaceable.  I would recommend the ones with the replaceable blades and shoes because you can buy only a blade or shoe if you should break it.

fin blades fin shoes


If you are new to the free diving or spearfishing pick fins with soft blades. That’s because it will be much easier for you to get used to them.

Let’s continue. The next important thing you need is the mask.

diving mask

The mask is what allows you to see underwater. You must pick a mask that best fits your face. You have to try it to know.

What you do is to put the mask on your face and inhale a little through the nose to create a little vacuum in the mask. If it “leaks” air in – this is not your mask.  Another thing to know is that you need a mask with tempered glass lens. If it’s regular glass you risk injury if they break due to the depth pressure.  Before you use the mask make sure to use some kind of anti-fogging product. The most common of all anti-fog products is your own saliva. Wash the inner sides of the lens with toothpaste and every time you are about to dive just spit on the inside of the lens and rub them with your finger. Then rinse in the sea water.

Next is the snorkelling tube.

It’s really simple. Go to the store – pick one that’s got a tube big enough for you to take a breath normally and that’s the one for you.

Next is the swim suit.

Here you have a great variety of suits to pick from.  You should consult with the person in the shop about the suit you need. I prefer 5mm full body neoprene swimsuit. Note that with the suit you might need a weight belt to help you sink.





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