How to Clean Your Car

Women cleaning a carAn auto mobile is like a second home for many people. As such, it requires a lot of attention and care. Vehicles get dirty pretty quick because they are exposed to many different factors. The one that matters the most is the weather. Unless you have a garage, your car will suffer from rain storms, snow fall and everything the nature can throw at you, even when you are not driving it. Cleaning the car is essential, but you already know that. What you may wonder is how to do it.

Well, my friends, I have some easy guidelines for you to follow.

Part 1 – Preparation.

  1. Make sure your car is parked away of sunlight. It will prevent splotches on your car’s paint.

  2. Gather all your tools. Buckets with water, car wash soap, hoses, brushes and everything else. Place them around the car. It will be much easier to get them once you start washing the car and that will save your time.

  3. Prepare your tools. Get the bucket and fill it with water and then add the cleaning solutions you’ve got. Read the bottle of your car wash soap to check how much you have to add to the water. Get another bucket and fill only with water.

  4. Check your car. Look around the car to see if there are any windows left open. If there are, close them – you don’t want to ruin your interior.

A guy cleaning a MercedesPart 2 – Action

  1. Use that hose of yours and hose off the car. But be careful how strong the jet is. If it’s too strong, it can ruin the paint of your car. Point that hose downwards to make sure you don’t cause water to dribble into the car through the rubber seals.

  2. Soak a wash sponge into the cleaning solution and start washing the car. Don’t use brushes, they might be too thick and scratch the paint.

  3. Choose an area of the car and wash it, then move to the side and repeat until you make a full circle around the car. It’s best if you start from the top.

  4. To make sure you don’t leave dirt on the car, wash your sponge in the bucket with the plain water as soon as it gets too dirty.

  5. To evade stains, use the hose to wash the soap from the car so you don’t leave it to dry on the paint. It will make stains on it.

  6. Dry the car with a soft cloth before you leave it to air dry. This way there will be no water spots left on it.

  7. Leave the lower body and the wheels last. Scrub them tires with the brush.

  8. Hose off around the tires and the lower body, especially if they were exposed to salt (from snow, ponds and so on).

This article is brought to you thanks to the support of London’s best local cleaning company in Wandsworth.


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