My Best Life Hacks Will Make Your Day Easier

OK, people. I`m going to share with you my personal favourite life hacks.  Some of them are so simple that you will wonder how haven`t you thought of them yourself.

Every single one of the hacks I have tried myself and can confirm that they work. So here goes:

better life hacks

1. Cold Drinks Fast!

Everybody likes a cold beer. What to do if you have a warm beer and don`t have the time to wait for it to cool in the fridge?

It’s simple. Get some ice, a bowl or cooker big enough for the beer to fit in, some salt and some water.

Pour enough water in the bowl to cover your beer. Add some salt and stir for a while. Then add the ice and beer. Stir again for a minute or two and ….

Voila! You have your self a cold beer.

2. Cold Drinks Fast 2!

There is another way to cool your beer if you do not have ice but just a fridge.  Get the beer, a napkin or paper towel and get it wet. Once you do that wrap it around your beer and leave it for about 10 mins in the freezer. It will be ice cold when you take it out.

cold beer fast


3. How to take off your T-shirt really fast. 

Here’s how:

4. How to peel an egg really fast:

5. Scrambled egg in the shell!

I’ve never thought I’d see an scrambled hard boiled egg. Yet here it is:

6. Clean your home, oven, carpets, windows effortlessly!

This is a simple one. Call in a professional cleaning company. When I am in London I like to use only the best in my borough.

The cleaners of Wandsworth are worth it. Give them a call.

7-8-9 and 10.

As a bonus I am including my favourite youtube video.

Hope you like it and enjoy the life hacks as much as I do.


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