Pick the best diving mask for yourself – A simple how to

If you’ve read my blog before you might have seen my previous post about freediving. This post is follow-up on the topic.

It’s all going to be about how to pick the right diving mask for you.

First and foremost you must know exactly what are you going to do underwater. There is a difference. Believe me if you are going to go spearfishing you do not want a snorkelling mask. That is not entirely true because I’ve seen spearfishermen with scuba/snorkelling masks. It really comes down to what you are used to and what works for you. 

I will share with you my personal experiences and views on the type of mask you need to go spearfishing with.

First of all there are different types of masks you can pick from.

The Classic Round Mask

classic round mask

The Single Lens Mask

single lens mask

And last but not least the dual lens mask.

double lens mask

There are various types of these basic models. You can get a mask made of clear silicone:

transperant mask

You do not need this type of mask if you are going spearfishing. The reflections of light underwater can and will make it hard for you to see in the distance. You need a black silicone mask. You can try one of the mask with lens on the sides for better view.

side view mask

I do not advise you to do it. Light goes in through the sides and will shine in your eyes making it harder to focus on the fish.  If you are going snorkelling or scuba diving this type of mask is great but otherwise no.

Another thing you must take notice in is the size of the mask. No, no, not that type of size. I`m talking about the volume of air you have in it between your face and the tempered glass lens. The less it is the better. I will tell you why. Simply because when you go at depths greater than 5-10 meters the pressure is bigger and it causes the air to compress. The compression of the air in the mask causes vacuum and the feeling is like your eyes are trying to pop out.

eyes pop

The next thing when you pick the mask is to try it on. You can check if it suits you by putting it on and inhaling a little through the nose thus creating vacuum. If you can feel air coming in this is not your mask.

A good mask I recommend to the inexperienced divers is Technisub’s Look-2. It’s good and cheap.

technisub look2

Next up is the anti-fogging treatment. Most of the new masks come with a fine layer of silicone on the lens and if not removed will cause problems and fogging. It’s transparent so you will not see it. One thing you can do is just burn it off using a lighter. Here’s a video on how to do it:

After you’re done with the silicone layer you should prepare the mask for the first dive. You can spray it with some kind of anti-fogging product but there are other ways. One thing you can do is to get some toothpaste and scrub the lens both on the inside and out using your finger. Rinse it off and it’s ready.  Once you get to the beach you have to do one thing to ensure that there will be no fogging. Use a anti-fog spray or your saliva. Spit on the inside of the mask (on the lens) and rub it in with your finger. THIS MUST BE DONE WHILE THE MASK IS STILL DRY! Then rinse it in the sea and put it on. If done properly you will not have any fogging for 3 to 4 hours.

Last but not least do not forget to wash all your diving equipment with tap water once you are done with the diving for the day. Salt can and will shorten your equipment’s life span significantly if you do not wash it. 

I wish you the best of luck. Enjoy your diving to the fullest!


3 thoughts on “Pick the best diving mask for yourself – A simple how to

  1. Very good article on the mask, congrats!.

    Just wanted to share what works for me, I do the toothpaste cleaning once at home, and , just rising first time I use prior of an immersion with sea water and a drop or two of any dishwasher soap, as to remove any lipid residual.
    There is no fog at all, even when water is warm. I do spearfishing and we normally stay diving for at least 4 hours.

  2. One thing I use in defogging my mask for the longest time is the top of the shrubs found along the beach especially those with oily clear sap. They work perfectly.

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