October 2013 Beer Festival in Wandsworth


Do you drink beer? Do you love beer? Do you want to have a good time with your friends?

The beer festival in Wandsworth Common is the place to go to.

Haven`t you heard about it yet? They will be offering 100+ ales from all four corners of Britain. For the ladies there are 25+ ciders.

The festival is annual and is hosted at the Le Gothique restaurant and bar.

The Wandsworth Common Halloween Beer Festival showcases regional and micro breweries from around the country.


  • Downton Brewery
  • Sarah Hughes
  • Plus special selection of craft breweries from the North West of England …

You can get additional information on the beers included HERE. This is the preliminary beer list.


The good news is that you have 3 whole days to try all the sorts of beer offered. beer festival

Last year was a blast!

Will you join me this year?

Oh, one more thing if you are planning on getting wasted and puking all over your bed and flat – have in mind that there are professionals cleaners to help you with the cleaning.

At least that’s what I did last year…. Shame on me.

Yeah, yeah I know. But I had this massive hangover and didn’t have the strength to do the cleaning on my own. So have in mind the professional cleaners of Wandsworth. They will do all the cleaning for you with a smile and at a great price too!

For more festival information, tickets etc visit this site.




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