20 Photos that will leave you Speechless

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Yet you can not compare two pictures. Every single photo has its own message and emotion. I’d like to share with you some pictures that can move even the most cold-blooded people.

1. A starving boy and a helping hand.


2. One of the gas chambers in Auschwitz.

gas chamber WWII

3. After a successful 23 hour heart surgery. The heart surgeon and his assistant (sleeping in the corner).

23 hour surgery

4. A father and his son (1949 & 2009).

father and son 60 years later

5. A 12 year old boy playing a violin and crying for his teacher who helped him escape poverty and violence through the music.
violinist cry on funeral

6. A russian soldier playing a piano during the war in Chechnya (1994).

russian soldier playing piano
7. A young man who just got the news of his brother’s murder.

grief - brother shot

8. Egypt. Cairo. Riots. Christians watching over and protecting muslims during prayer back in 2011.

christians protect muslims

9. A fireman giving water to a koala bear after the fires in Victoria, Australia (2009)

fireman koala water

10. Terry Gurola hugging her daughter after 7 months in Iraq.

army mother

11. A homeless indian waiting to get a bowl of free food that is being given away infront of a mosque in New Delhi, India.

soup kitchen asia

12. The dog that saved thousands during the terrorist attacks in Mumbai in 1993. It found 7340 pounds (3329kg), 600 detonators, 249 hand grenades and 6406 bullets. It was buried  as a hero in the year of 2000.

hero dog

13. A man falling from the World Trade Center. 11.09.2001

9-11 falling man

14. A boy pulling his father – an alcoholic.

drunk father and son

15. A hugging couple beneath the ruins of a collapsed factory.

together in death

16. Sunset on Mars

mars sunset

17. A smoking 5 year old gipsy in Saint-Jacques, France during the New Year’s night of 2006.

5 year old smoking

            18. Haing U – 29 years old – standing in front of the rubble of his home as the rain is pouring down after the cyclone Nargis hit Mianmar in  May 2008. It killed 100 000 and left millions homeless.


19. A World War II veteran and the tank he spent the war in. He had finally found it in a small village in Russia. It had been turned into a monument.

WWII veteran and his tank

                                                                                                         20. A Japanese woman crying in front of where here home used to be. March, 2011, Japan. That is briefly after the earthquake and cunami.

  japan earthquake ruins cunami


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