15 New and Exciting Life Hacks

I`ll skip the riff-raff and get straight to the point. This is the second part of life hacks I am sharing with you. Make sure you check out the first one too – My Best Life Hacks Will Make Your Day Easier ! Click the read more button to go to the list.


1. Wrinkled shirt ironing without a hot iron. Put the shirt in the dryer for 5 minutes with several ice cubes. When you take the shirt out it will be wrinkless.
I guess that’s got to do with the moisture and heat. When wet fabrics easily expand and the heat making the moisture vaporise is making the fibres shrink. That’s why the wrinkles go away.

wrinkled shirt life hack

2. How to throw a frisbee? Use the same arm motion as if you are whipping a towel.

frisbee throw

3. Rub alcohol on stains to dissolve them. This works with almost any stain.

alcohol stain cleaning

If you can`t handle the stains by yourself be sure to call in a professional cleaning company. The cleaners in Bromley that I use are real experts in dealing with any kind of cleaning. So far they have always been impeccable.

4. When going at the zoo make sure you wear the same colour clothes as the keepers and trainers. The animals will come closer to you if you look like their keepers.

zoo trainer clothes

5. Dented ping pong ball? Heat it up. When heated up the air inside the ball will expand thus fixing the dent. See the pics below:

ping pong ball fix 2ping pong ball fix

6. Never forget notes. If you don`t want to forget something important simply write yourself a text and send it. DO NOT OPEN IT. Thus in the morning you will have an unread text – voila! You will not forget it.

unread text message

7. Your phone music is not loud enough? Put the phone in an empty bowl. The bowl will act as a amplifier and enhance the volume.

phone music amplify

8. If someone presses all the buttons in the elevator  – press each button twice to skip that floor. I have not tried this one myself!


9. Got bitten by a mosquito? Press a hot spoon to the spot. The heat will stop the itching by destroying the reaction.

mosquito bite remedy

10. A pimple on an important night? Put a dab of Listerine on in and it will shrink.

listerine pimple cure

11. How to stop the annoying ads for free while playing games on your phone? It’s simple. Put the phone in airplane mode.

airplane mode games

12. Out of eggs while making cookies? Half a banana per egg is a good enough substitute. 

banana dough cookies

13. Sugar will help sooth a burnt tongue. 

burnt tongue remedy

14. Feeling sleepy during the day? Hold your breath as long as you can. Your heart rate will increase thus waking you up. 


15. Buy a shower curtain with a world map on it. You will become a geography expert in no time! 

world map shower curtain

Hope you like the list. Share your comments below.


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