How to Build and Maintain a Gaming PC [Part 3]

LogitechOur journey to the gaming hardware world continues. So far, we’ve got Monitors and Hardware configuration covered. What gamers need, to help them control their machine? Yes, that’s right, the peripherals.

While gamers can make some little compromises with their hardware or monitor, peripherals is something they can’t make none with. Mouse, keyboards and game-pads are the things that can really give you an edge in your gaming adventures. The good thing is, they come with a lot of variety. There are plenty of manufacturers and models you can choose from.

razer deathstalker ultimateKeyboards

Sometimes keyboards are thrown in the shadow of the mouse, when it comes to gaming. Most gamers, won’t feel much difference using a standard cheap keyboard, other than the comfort it provides. But then, tell me how much times you’ve pressed “arrow up”, “arrow left” and “Space” for example. Then you hear that annoying little beep sound. Yeah, the feeling is not very pleasant when you race someone. This problem occurs because the nKRO (n-Key Roll Over). It is a feature, which essentially defines how many keys can be simultaneously pressed and registered. You need a keyboard that supports more keys pressed simultaneously, especially near the WASD cluster.

When it comes to gaming keyboards, mechanical switches are the King. Most of the modern companies who build gaming peripherals use that technology. It is much more reliable than the standard keyboards.

As I said, there are a lot of options when it comes to keyboard manufacturers. Depending on the budget, you can go for Razer’s BlackWidow TE. It is a good model with mechanical switches. The only con is because of it’s compact size, it doesn’t have numeric pad. The DeathStalker Ultimate, is also an innovation from Razer, with a multi-use touchscreen built-in. Logitech G series also provide some top notch products, with multiple macro keys and great design.


Are you an FPS fan? Well if you are, you really need to focus on what gaming mouse you should get. It is essential to have a good aim. Once you test out a few mouses, you will notice the big difference. There are a few parameters you should be looking for:

  • DPI
  • Weight
  • Extra buttons
  • Corded/Cordless
  • Type of sensor

As you can see, there are many parameters, and that means there are a lot of options. In my opinion, the best options is to find a mouse that has high DPI. Light weighted one, with at least 2 extra buttons than the standard type – 2 buttons plus a scroll wheel. Usually, corded mouses are much better when we talk about performance. But with the new technologies, things change very quickly. Nowadays, there are cordless mouse who show the same results as their counterparts.

The logic “newer = better” is not valid for gaming mouses. The hardcore gamers, especially those who are into the FPS scene, use old models. These models are with approved performance and show outstanding results. For example, the old Microsoft Intelli Explorer v3.0 Mouse is considered the King of the FPS genre. Of course, it is really hard to find that model now, as it is already out of production. Steelseries manufactured a good copy of it. There are other high-end gaming mouse you can check as well. Razer, Logitech’s G series, Roccat, MadCatz and Thermal Take have some great products.

Mouse CleaningCleaning and Maintenance

There is a joke that a programmer can survive for at least 3 days only with a keyboard. Because there is enough food in it. It is hilarious but also very true. Keyboards and mouses get dirty very quick. Cleaners in Haringey  recommend using only natural products when cleaning these items. Sweaty hands and eating while you’re on the computer are the biggest enemies of a clean peripherals. Use Data Clean napkins with alcohol to clean them from germs and grease. Try to make that regularly, to make sure your gaming gear is always in a good shape.


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