Romania and Bulgaria Strike Back

After the anti-immigrant campaign in the UK that is aiming to discourage the Bulgarians and Romanians from coming to Britain.
There had been campaigns that (if true) will be run in the UK to encourage UK citizens to come to visit, live, work or spend their vacations in the these to countries.


Here I will share some of the most ingenious adds posted by both Romanian and Bulgarian advertising agencies.

The Romanian campaign is called We may not like Britain but you will love Romania. Why don’t you come over? and is published at

we may not like britain

romania Uk add

why dont you come over

you will love romania


The Bulgarian campaign on the other hand that well organized and there is no official source. But it still is quite creative and entertaining.

uk money in bulgaria

uk weather and bulgaria

poor bulgarians own houses

bulgarian uk ad

bulgarians are friendly

bulgarian cuisine uk

no bulgarians and romanians

dimitar berbatoff

*Just in case you haven`t hear of him. That is Dimitar Berbatov. He used to play for Manchester United (2008-2012). Now he is in Fulham’s team.

golden streets in bulgaria

All of the above are indeed facts. I’ve experienced and seen them. Believe me I’ve been living in Bulgaria for several years now.


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