​10 Reasons Your Carpets Need Professional Cleaning

We all like to keep a tidy and clean home but sometimes it’s the bigger cleaning jobs that get overlooked and having your carpets thoroughly cleaned is one of these jobs. If it’s been a while since you’ve deep cleaned your carpets then maybe it’s time to reconsider – read the following reasons to find out why.

stained carpet

1. Longevity: did you know that by having your carpets professionally cleaned can extend the life of your carpets? Their durability will last longer if they are kept clean and free of bacteria and dirt.

2. Allergens: you can limit the amount of allergens and dust when your soft flooring has been thoroughly cleaned. Allergens can pose a serious health risk, particularly to children, so ensure you minimise the potential affects.


3. Stain removal: having the remains of tough stains – wine, food, blood – left on your carpets doesn’t look very pleasant, can smell horribly and can attract parasites to live off them.

4. Smells: no one like to walk into a home to be hit with unpleasant smells from pets, food or general living. If this sounds like your home, it might be time to get your carpets cleaned.

5. Look good: we all want our homes to look clean and tidy so by having your carpets expertly cleaned will guarantee a good impression for your guests and make it more attractive to live in.

6. Dust mites: we don’t even realise how many dust mites are living in our soft flooring so to ensure they don’t breed and spread through the house, carpets should be washed and cleaned regularly.

7. Busy household: if you’ve got a larger family can you imagine how much food could be dropped through high traffic areas of your home? Vacuuming these areas aren’t enough to keep the dirt at bay.


carpet cleaning needed

8. Pets: if you have pets in your home you’ll know how much hair and mess they can leave. This can easily be embedded into the fibres of your carpets so getting them cleaned will remove the most ingrained dirt and bacteria.



9. Services: when you hire a professional cleaning company such as Domestic House Cleaning London, you’ll be given a choice based on your carpet fibres as to what method they’ll use so whether you hire steam carpets cleaners or dry carpet cleaners, you’ll know they’ll do the job to a high standard.

10. Children: we all know how messy children can be bringing in dirt, mud, food and drinks, so by keeping your carpets in excellent condition will help limit the damage they can do to a carpet.




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