3 Easy Methods to Remove Carpet Stains

Cleaning stains from your carpets is always a challenge to completely remove all evidence of a spillage or mark. We’ve all battled with dabbing salt onto a wine stain, or soapy water onto blood, but the stain? And what happens when they don’t disappear from sight and instead ruin a perfectly good carpet? What can we do?

get professional carpet cleaners


The most sensible advice is to call on reputable carpet cleaning services as they will deep clean your carpets or upholstery much more efficiently than a regular vacuum, no matter how thorough you think you clean them yourself. Hiring professionals will save you time, effort and frustration by trying to get rid of the stain yourself and is a lot more effective way of protecting your investment of your carpets and rugs. By calling in the experts you can get all the help and advice you need about choosing the appropriate techniques according to the type of fibres or stains your carpet or rug has.

Dry Carpet Cleaning


Generally people prefer this method as it means there is no waiting time for carpets or rugs to dry as there is low moisture content. It works by spreading cleaning powder to draw the dirt up and then a powerful vacuum is used to completely remove the dirt. However, this system is not always effective for eliminating dust mites or bacteria that is buried deep into the fibres of your carpets.

Foam Carpet Cleaning

foam carpet-cleaning-service

This works on the same principle as dry carpet cleaning but uses a combination of shampoo and dry carpet powder which is worked into the fibres using powerful machinery with rotating brushes so that stains and dirt can be eradicated. It is left to dry before removing without rinsing by operating a high-powered vacuum. It can also used in combination with hot water extraction.

Steam Carpet Cleaning

carpet steam cleaning

steam carpet cleaner will remove all your furniture, pre-vacuum and use effective stain removers and deodorisers depending on what help you need to ensure your carpets are looking fresh and clean again and is by far the most popular technique of removing all types of dirt and stains as it works deep into the fibres of your soft furnishings. Otherwise known as hot water extraction, it works on the principle of injecting hot water and detergent deep into your carpets using heated water from a high pressure jet spray. A wet vacuum is then used to suck up any stains and bacteria which includes dust mites.


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