10 Cleverly designed poster ads

We’ve all been through the insanity that’s called advertising today.

I ,personally, am repulsed by all the dull/dumb adverts that are constantly being thrown out in the open

by some wanna-be advertising agents and studios. With this post I`ll share with you some really creative and astonishing ads.

intelligence and creativity

Here goes:

  1.  Top “Bench Fix Hairstyling Products: Gecko,” by advertising agency TBWA\Santiago Mangada Puno(Philippines). Creative Directors: Melvin Mangada and Marci Reyes.
    creative ads - hair styling

  2. WWF Desertification: Elephant” by Contrapunto Barcelona (Spain). Chief creative officers: Carlos Jorge and Felix Del Valle.
  3. Colgate Dental Floss: Kiwi” by Cerebro Y&R (Panama). Creative Director: Jorge Heilbron.
    fantastic ads - dental floss
  4. Kielo travel agency: Pool” by New Moment New Ideas Company Y&R (Serbia). Creative Director: Svetlana Copic.
    holyday ad - amazing
  5. Staedtler: Architecture” by Leo Burnett (China). Executive creative director: Connie Lo.
    architecture advert

  6. Braun Cruzer: Super Beards Batman” by BBDO Proximity (Germany). Executive creative director: Michael Funk.
    batman beard ad - braun
  7. Strange Adventures Comic Book Shops: Superman” by Impact (Canada). Creative director: Eric Miller.
    strange gifts advertisement
  8. McDonald’s: Re-opening” by DDB (Denmark). Creative director: Poul Mikkelsen.

    McDonalds ad poster
  9. Maxam: Civilization, Egypt” by JWT (China). Creative Directors: Yang Yeo, Elvis Chau and Hattie Cheng.
    tooth paste - awesome ad
  10. Canon PowerShoot S90” by Giovanni+Draft FCB (Brazil). Creative directors: Adilson Xavier, Ricardo John and Benjamin Yung Jr.
    best canon photo advertisement

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