When the Builders Were Gone I Was Left With the Cleaning

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything but there’s been some changes at home.
I had some refurbishment and renovation done.

This is a post about it. Here goes nothing.

construction work

Not many months ago I decided to do a bit of renovation work on my home. The living room was beginning to look a little dreary and I wanted to bring in more natural light as well as redecorate. Being a busy parent I just didn’t have the time to undertake the work myself but I had a clear idea of what I wanted done, new patio doors opening out into the garden and knocking down an interior wall. I contacted a few local builders and invited them round to view my property and provide me with a quote. Once I had chosen a company it wasn’t long before they got down to work. At this stage I hadn’t considered the problem of cleaning after building work, which was in fact very naive. I was just happy to get my renovation project under way, with little thought for the need of a post builders clean.

need cleaning after the builders

I was very impressed with the work the builders performed and the care and attention they paid to my belongings. All the furniture and flooring was well covered with dust sheets and they paid meticulous attention to tidying up before they left. In a couple of days the work had been completed and I was left with a bright and airy living room. However I wasn’t prepared for the work that was involved cleaning the dust up afterwards. For days after the work was done I had to polish and dust on a regular basis leaving me little time to enjoy my new surroundings. I definitely didn’t have the energy for the post construction decorating that still needed to be done.

after builders rubbish clearance

The vacuum cleaner became a permanent fixture in my living room and the polish was never put away. Every time I looked around the dust had settled somewhere new and my free time became an obsessional round of dusting and vacuuming. For several days the shine wore off my new room and I wish I’d considered hiring a company that offered builders cleans. They would’ve been able to remove the dust and dirt effectively from my home leaving me free to enjoy my days and bring out the paintbrush. My advice to anyone considering construction or renovation work in their home is to factor in the cost of hiring THIS professional cleaning company to deliver long lasting cleaning results. They’re not as expensive as you may think and will allow you to sit back and relax quicker than tackling the problem of cleaning yourself.


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