Mould Restoration and Prevention in Your Home

The winter of 2013 brought miserable wet weather to most parts of the UK and many people are now suffering with mould problems in their home after flood damage. Mould is a fungus that occurs naturally but its place is not in your home. Its presence can cause problems for people who have weak respiratory systems and those susceptible to allergies. As well as this it causes damage to soft furnishings, paper, books and makes your walls and ceilings look dirty and unattractive.

UK 2013 floods


Mould thrives in damp conditions that can be present in your home due to condensation, rising damp or flood damage. Condensation is a common problem in kitchens and bathrooms. Water can penetrate your living space through cracked roof tiles, broken guttering or where flashing is missing. Mould also requires oxygen for growth and is often found in the following places:

  • Wet spaces such as the kitchen, bathroom and laundry room
    rising damp solutions
  • Behind furniture that is placed directly against the wall resulting in poor air circulation
    damp specialists London
  • In close proximity to air conditioners and fans
  • Timber window frames and sills
    mould after flood
  • In corners
    flood damage repair
  • On paint work that is acrylic
  • On clothing, fabric and leather
  • In boxes that contain paper and books

As soon as you’ve noticed mould in your home or business preparations should be made for its complete removal. The best course of action is to call in the experts from the¬†London mould removal services company. If the problem is small you could attempt to treat it yourself but you’ll be putting yourself and your family’s health at risk. A London mould cleaning company will be best equipped to clean up the mould and restore a healthy atmosphere in your home.

Is Mould Really That Dangerous?

The simple answer is yes most definitely. Certain types of mould are used in medicine, for example penicillin, but others are toxic and it’s these you want to remove from your home. It’s not actually the mould itself that is the problem but the spores that are released into the air. They’re very fine and once airborne are inhaled every time a breath is taken. Mould removal in London should be done while wearing effective protective clothing, so call in the professionals who will be equipped to work safely.
mould removal protective clothing

People with a weak immune system, the elderly and young children are much more likely to suffer health problems when in contact with mould. These problems can include asthma and infections, headaches, coughs, sore throats, dizziness and skin rashes.

Cleaning the mould away is only part of the solution as you need to identify where the damp is occurring and correct, repair or take steps to stop water getting into your home. You need to repair any leaks, clear gutters of any blockages, install a damp proof course, insulate walls and attics to reduce condensation, install double glazing and a whole number of other improvements. If you don’t send time finding the places where water is getting in or condensation is occurring the mould will return once more and you’ll be faced with the problem of mould removal time and time again.

My mate – Timmy Griffin’s got a pretty good article on the floods and the damage they caused. Check it out Here!


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