Ontario RAT-1 knife review

It’s been a long time since I’ve written a review so I thought it might be a good time to do one.

Today’s gonna be all about The Ontario RAT-1.

This is one of my favourite knives and is part of my EDC (Every Day Carry).

RAT-1 Open

Let’s start with the stats and facts.

The manufacturer is  Ontario Knife Company, USA. It’s a company founded in 1889.
However, the knives themselves are made in Taiwan. (Outsourcing FTW!)

Overall Length – 8,5 “(216 mm)
Blade Length – 3,75 “(90.9 mm)
Blade steel – AUS-8
Length when folded – 5 “(127 mm)
Cutting edge length – 3,3 “(84.1 mm)
Weight – 5 ounces. (142 g)
Blade Thickness – .12 “(3 mm)
Handle Material – Nylon 6 – or at least it used to be. Not it’s made of G10.
Overall Thickness – .52” (13 mm)
Here’s how it looks right out of the box:

RAT-1 Unboxed

*Side note: You can order it with partially serrated blade, different colour of the handle and the blade can be coated with black paint.

Ontario RAT1 handles and blades

The knife itself arrived very well sharpened. The blade is full flat grind with a secondary flat grind edge. The blade steel is the Japanese  AUS-8 stainless.
The blade is well centred and doesn’t have any unwanted side movement.
Ontario RAT-1 review
Steel composition:

steel composition chart

C         Co   Cr       Mn     Mo        Ni      P   Si  S   W      V
0.7-0.75  –  13-14.5 0.5 0.1-0.31 0.49 0.04 1  0.3  –   0.1-0.27

It’s easy to sharpen and retains that scary sharpness for a long time – as seen on Bladeforums.com.
*For even greater edge retention try convexing the secondary edge!

The handle frame is made out of stainless steel and the scales are made of Nylon 6. It’s got a nice feel to it and to me it’s one of the most comfortable and ergonomic grips. The handle is open in the back which makes the maintenance easier. There is also a lanyard hole in it.

back of RAT-1

The knife locking mechanism is called Liner Lock. It’s got a distinctive click to it which locks the blade in place with no vertical or horizontal give to it.

The washers are made of brass. This makes the opening and folding of the knife a nice and smooth movement of the blade.

RAT-1 brass washer

*You should check them every once in a while, especially if you’re using the knife often. That’s because the washers will need replacing.
I’ve got mine replaced with Teflon washers and the work of the knife is even smoother than before.

The blade’s got a thumb stud on both sides which makes it good for both left and righthanded users.

The handle’s got a pocket clip with four possible attachments:
Tip up – left- and right-handed
Tip down – both left and right handed

RAT-1 pocket clip

The clip is quite tightened yet the handle is smooth enough to make it easy on the pockets when taking it out.
*Please note that due to the G10 and Nylon6 being a type of plastic they tend to give a little with time and the clip needs to be re-tightened every once in a while.

Recently Ontario started producing a smaller version of the RAT-1 . That is The RAT-2 but I`ll talk about it in another review.


P.S – This review was made possible thanks to After Builders Cleaning


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