DIY Camper Project – It’s amazing what a couple did with it

Vintage Camper DIY Project

How do you like a little DIY ?

Personally I love all sorts of tinkering and DIY projects. I`ll make sure to share with you my next DIY gaming chair when it’s finished but until then – here’s another threat.

Check out what this couple did to this vintage camper.

1965 Serro Scotty Sportsman camper

This is how it all started. – The Preparation

A vintage 1965 Serro Scotty Sportsman camper.
vintage camper


It wasn`t looking too good on the inside.
messy camper

water damage repairs

So, they tore it all down. The aluminium siding had to come down.
camper aluminum siding



That’s the aluminium siding getting ready to be repainted.
camper siding repaint

The walls had extensive water damage to them too.
camper repairs


camper water damage


It all had to go.
camper trailer rebuild

The floor too, so they took it down and started by freshening up the trailer frame and repainting it.
camper frame preparation

frame priming





That’s it ready for the new floor to be installed.
camper trailer frame


Here’s the new floor that the couple installed.
new floor


Next up – the new walls had to be cut out and the window and door frames traced in them.
camper new walls scotty walls replace

Once the walls where ready comes the time for it to start coming together. The appliances are there to measure the proper places for them and the shelves and cupboards.
apliances measuring

camper front wall installation

That’s a good time to start building the interior.
building the interior

other stuff building - camper

drawers stand camper

Next up some more cabinets and the tank and storage spaces.
water tank and cargo space - camper

cabinets instalation

They even thought of ventilation and installed a ceiling fan.
camper ceiling fan

Priming and painting time again.
camper priming time

camper interior

camper interior 2

camper interior 3

Some insulation is always a good idea!
camper insulation

Then it’s time for the aluminum siding to come back.
aluminum sides placement

Masking and painting the window frames.
masking and painting window frames

Once that is done it’s all ready for the repainting.
ready for paint job
A little red paint at the top should look cool right? Right!
camper painting

Are you ready to see the finished project ?

The Finished 1965 Serro Scotty Sportsman camper DIY Project

The finishing touches.
camper almost done

Some 110v wiring had to go in.
camper electrical wiring

Glued together some strips of wood to make cool countertops. This is the finished product (after sanding and sealing).
cool countertops

Drawers – check.
camper drawers

The wiring is working properly.
camper led light

And all the finished stuff – finally!
drawers, countertops, bed

finished camper project

finished camper project 2

finished camper project 3

And the finishing touch to make it all even better.
camper lavatory

I hope you have enjoyed this share. If you like it go check out the source and share it with your friends.

They are a really sweet couple and deserve your shares and likes. Catch you next time.
finished sera scotty camper project


P.S – Make sure you contact a professional water damage restoration company if you don`t want or don`t have the time to go through all the things this couple went through.


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