404 pages you will actually enjoy

So, we’ve all been looking for something and found our selves at that frustrating and “slightly” annoying 404 error page.

404error page

I’ve came across some

error pages on The Net

that actually make you smile and somewhat compel you to stay on that site and take a look around a little more.

Here are some of the best I’ve seen so far. Enjoy and share your thoughts and personal findings in the comments.

Yep, you’ve guessed it. It’s

Blizzard’s 404 page.

I lol’d when I first saw it.

  • What next?


Dropbox 404 page error

This makes my brain hurt. Still, it’s quite impressive! Don`t you think?

Don`t you just hate it when you run out of ketchup?

The guys from IMDB actually went a step further than most sites and made their 404 page “spit” up random quotes from famous movies every time you reload the page. They (the quotes) are just a bit tweaked to suit the 404 error page. Feel free to go and rape the refresh button for some laughs.

imgur saijo was here

As we know the Internet is dominated by our furry feline friends. Imgur’s error page is decorated with stylish images of aristocratic cats and a giraffe.
The funny part is that their eyes are following your mouse cursor. It’s quite amusing. Visit it to have a giggle.




Nothing much to say here. Carry on.





How could you!? You killed Kenny! Fun thing. They actually recently changed the 404 page.
It used to be this one:
It's a trap South Park



An example of a perfectly timed picture!



If you are into these mass events – check out the site and the video. It looks awesome!
It’s now on my list of festivals to visit, soon.




Do you like ponies? If you do – don`t visit Weemss’ 404 error page. Or else you will be obliged to sign up or log in.
You have been warned!

And last but not least:



Their 404 page’s got a video of their “You can’t always get what you want”. The song is one of their all-time hits.

I am writing the last lines of this post with a heavy heart because I’ve just got the extremely bad news about The Rolling Stones.
The longtime saxophonist of The Rolling Stones – Bobby Keys – has passed away at the age of 70. Rest In Peace, Bobby! You will always be alive in our hearts through your music!


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