The Green Cat of Bulgaria

There’s an interesting new story this week that’s picking up speed and is actually going viral.

It’s about a stray cat in Varna, Bulgaria that somehow turned out to be green (or turquoise as some describe it).


So, last week people from Varna, Bulgaria started reporting sightings of a vibrantly green/turquoise coloured cat.

black sea coast mystery feline

Since the first sightings of the cat it’s gained huge popularity over the internet.
A lot of media sites are reporting it. Some of the biggest names in the list are:

Some of the user contribution communities such as Buzzfeed, BoredPanda, Reddit and 9gag also picked up the story and made it even more popular. Youtube’s official G+ page also shared a video of the green kitten. You can see the video below.

youtube green cat share

green feline on the Balkans


green feline Varna

At first  a lot of people thought that this might be the doing of a cruel person and a Facebook group page hoping to find the one responsible for the cat’s vibrant green colour and bringing him to justice. However that is not the case. It turned out the this lovely feline has been taking naps on a heap of synthetic green paint  in the garage of a person who’s abroad…. But wait there’s more. It’s not the first time this kitty turned up all green. Turns out that last year it did the exact same thing.

mystery green cat

His feline mates however do not seem to mind his extraordinary colouring.

turquoise cat bulgaria

As far as it’s known concerned animal lovers have made attempts to catch the turquoise feline and get it to a vet for a full check up but haven’t had any luck so far.

ill green cat bulgaria

There are a lot of concerns about the little fella’s health because of the chemicals in the paint and the tell tale signs that he is almost constantly keeping his tongue sticking out. Vets have expressed concerns that the paint might cause serious organ failure and other health issues.

Hope everything turns out well for the cat and it finds a good home soon.


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