News recap and stuff that interested me – week 1

So a new year has started and it’s time for me to try something new.

I`ll try to make this as short and informative as possible, also I`ll try to post on a regular basis.

Week #1 news recap


  1. Lenovo to release their new LaVie Z notebook

    It’s the lightest laptop I’ve heard of so far – just 1.72 pounds (that’s less than 1kg)
    We’ll just have to wait and see how good the quality of the build will be.

  2. Transport for London released the plans for where the railways will be taking us by 2026. YAY!
    Source: City Metric
  3. Google strikes against Apple’s iPhone with a new niche update of the tech. Photographers will now choose Android instead of iPhone? Yeah, right! Photographers use DSLR cameras, not phones. And the update doesn`t concern the average user.
  4. Snail Gaming is coming up with a crazy console.
    So, it’s basically a PC shoved in a console box running Android…. And made in China.
    It’s called The O-box. Enjoy!
    OBox gaming console
  5. London’s very own Walkie-Talkie Sky Garden is now open for ticket booking.
    As stated in the comments – “Best selling point: It’s the only place in London where you can’t see the Walkie Talkie.”
    Source: The Londonist
  6. After the events around Sony and “The Interview”s postponed release the company has declared that they are looking for alternative ways to release the movie. After all the movie theaters (at least the majority of them) refuse to air the movie. Maybe they should just release it in The Pirate Bay?
    Source: Buzz Feed
  7. We’ve got smart phones, smart watches, smart cars, smart fridges, smart cameras and smart TVs and dumb people… So now they’ve invented a smart belt! Yes, you heard it right – a smart belt. Essentially it’s taking gluttony, laziness and obesity to a whole new level! That’s a belt which is monitoring how much you eat and if you eat too much it will automatically loosen so that you can eat more!
  8. Last but not least. The horrific terrorist attack on the french #CharlieHebdo. A magazine that has been releasing satirical cartoons about all religions, politicians and famous people. At the moment 12 people are dead and 10 are seriously injured and 7 are in a severe state of shock.
    No religions is worth killing for. No god wants that! If you believe your religion is worth killing for, please,  start with yourself!
    My deepest condolences to the families and friends of the brave protectors of the #FreedomofSpeech!
    P.S – My suggestion is for all world magazines and media to translate and repost all the cartoons printed by Charlie Hebdo. The profits to be donated to the families of the victims.

    Source: The Guardian


2 thoughts on “News recap and stuff that interested me – week 1

  1. What happened in France was horrible, not to mention the video material of the so called ‘muslims’ carrying automatic weapons killing innocent people bluntly.

    On a different note from that, some even more interesting things were announced recently. One of which is Samsung’s 105 inch bendable TV, Sony’s new Walkman able to stream songs and carry up to 128 GB of factory storage. The catch is that it costs twelve hundred US dollars, it seems a bit overpriced. Last, but certainly not least, the Zano drone capable of taking aerial selfies. The drone features 5-megapixel HD video camera that can take both still photos and 720p video at 30 frames per second. Irony is that few years ago Razor did an April fool video about a drone with, which you can create videos and photos. Razor knew!

    Here are some links to the stories:,news-20171.html

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