News recap and stuff that interested me – week 2

Hope you’ve enjoyed the first post.

During the past week there’s been a lot of things that happened and deserve to be mentioned so…

This is gonna be a looooong one, so please bear (pun intended) with me. I promise a potato at the end.



news recap week number-2

  1. Charlie Hebdo published their first magazine since the terrorist attack.
    The cover of satirical weekly of Charlie Hebdo is seen in this handout image
    It’s quite ironic that they chose their first cover to be depicting the prophet Muhammad again since the attack was because of a similar cover.
    On top it says “Tout est Pardonne (Everything is forgiven)” and I keep thinking – some people just never learn. Fanatics have no sense of humour. 
  2. Speaking of terrorism and attacks – the very next day after the attack on Charlie Hebdo (08.01.2015) another major french satirical newspaper (Le Canard Enchaîné) had received death threats. Or so they claim by saying that they received a note or a call saying “You’re next”… If it’s a cheap publicity stunt I’d say it’s one made with very poor taste.
  3. While on the topic of terrorism I can`t overlook the news on foreign countries and their leaders uniting over a greater cause – The Freedom of Speech. And the EPIC failure of the government officials (and world leaders) to join the actual rally of the people of France!
    world leaders rally lead fail
    Allegedly the world leaders have gathered in Paris, France to take part (and lead)  the solidarity march that the people have organised to show that they are pro-freedom of speech and that terrorism will only unite us. However they failed and all the media reported that they did “lead” the march. Yeah, right, on a side street, heavily guarded and cut out of the main event/march. I am now officially taking back the “cheap publicity stunt” comment  about Le Canard Enchaîné  above and dare to claim that this is the actual cheap publicity stunt. And I stand to be corrected.

  4. As always the media and politics found a way to use the global events and shift the focus of the local news so that they don`t get enough publicity on a regional level. Here’s some examples:
    1st – The Pedophile Scandal about Jeffrey Epstein has somehow been overlooked. 
    2nd – The press conference about the 9/11 Truth somehow also got overlooked among the Charlie Hebdo attack.
    3rd – The CIA Torture report? no one has heard about it. (full report)
    The list goes on and on… I suggest you take a look at the source

  5. Freedom of Speech, anyone? – French authorities accused of double standards over hate speech crackdown
    I think no comment is needed.

  6. Let’s move on to some tech news that you might find intriguing… or I hope you will as much as I did. 
    NASA and Nissan have teamed up in attempt to create an autonomous/self-driving car. I guess that means Renault will be pitching in too (They own 44% of Nissan). Still that is not something new – after all Google have been working on a driverless car for several years now.
    Source: TodayOnline

  7. The next step on wearable smart tech as seen on CES 2015. It’s all nice but c’mon… An attacking spider dress? Seriously guys?
    P.S – I love the Blocks smart watch idea.

  8. Speaking of blocks… I should mention the developers’ conference about Google’s Project ARA’s announce. It was held on the 14th of January at Mountain View, California. They’ve announced that the pilot will take place in Puerto Rico. And later on you will be able to buy it there.
    project ara Google
    Check out these links for more information: Link1 Link2
    P.S I don`t know about you but I can`t wait to get my hands on one of those bad boys! 
  9. Sure enough not only Google came out with a new cool gadget. Samsung have revealed their “new” Galaxy Note 4 (white)
    Aaaaand that’s where all the excitement ends. It’s basically the same as the black one, but in a white case/colour. Nothing special if you ask me.

  10. Xbox or Playstation? Which one do you like better? It doesn`t matter really. Now, thanks to Eddie Zarrick, you can have both in a laptop! It’s called The PlayBox (PS4+Xbox).  Pretty cool, right? I’d love to give one of those hybrids a go. How about you? If you’re interested in getting one of these drop by Zarrick’s blog and contact him.
     playbox-xbox-oneSource: DigitalTrends
  11. No Pants Day 2015 on the London tube? Why not?
    Here’s a gallery for all of you, pervs. Click here
  12. While Londoners have the freedom to ride without pants on the tube, Romania’s metro officials will try to fight the No Pants Day in Bucharest (The Capital of Romania). Talk about uptight twats….
  13. Fantastic Services in The Guardian’s spotlight…. As young as Rune Sovndahl’s looking he accomplished quite a lot. To have a company that’s so widely spread around the world is quite an achievement. I`m impressed! Take a look at the article… and if you need a good cleaner, handyman and a pest control specialist – you’ll know where to get them all in one place, which is amazingly handy, if you ask me.
     Fantastic Cleaning Services

Here are the potatoes, as promised.
potatoes for the long post

Have a nice week and don`t forget to drop by again next week’s potatoes!


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