Small Tasks that Add to the Deep Clean of Your Home

What can you add to your deep cleaning routine of your house?

The thorough cleansing of your residence is that comprehensive, merciless, cleaning that will surely keeps the value of the place you call home. Here are often neglected places where a little more effort wouldn’t hurt. These are the small tasks that add to the deep clean of your home.

No Bugs Inside the Light Fixtures

insects in lamps

Have you seen the insect graveyard within your overhead fixtures? It looks like those grim towers of silence where the ancient Persians placed their dead to be devoured by the carrion birds. Turn off the lights and carefully remove fixture covers, clear away flies and rinse with hot soapy water. While you’re up there, dust bulbs. Let everything dry out before you place the cover.

Use Vacuum Cleaner for Heat Vents

air duct cleaning

The heat vents form ridiculous amounts of dust along with the register blades. Vents also are often holders for objects like coins and missing buttons. Pull apart vent covers from walls or remove them from floors, eradicate everything that doesn’t belong there, and use your vacuum cleaner. Clean grates with a moistened cloth and place the vent cover back.

Make the Hardware Sparkle

brass and steel knobs hinges and hardware

To polish brass door hinges, handles, and cabinet knobs, wipe good with a damp microfibre cloth, then wipe with a strong cleaning agent like the ones used by the cleaners in Manchester. Dish soap makes glass or stainless steel knobs shine. Use a Q-tip for the small curbs and details on knobs and handles.

Replace Dirty Switch Plates

filthy light plates

Any fool can remove marks on plates that cover light switches, electric outlets, phone jacks, and cable outlets. But only deep cleaning specialists successfully pull apart plates to vacuum and swipe the messy substance behind. The cover plates should be straight when you replace them. And pitch plates that are irreparably filthy. New ones are quite cheap.

Make Weather Stripping Tidy

Peeling, dangling weather stripping on doors and windows makes rooms look weathered. If the strip still has a chance, use some glue to place it back where it belongs. If it’s over, remove and replace the area, or just pull it off and start a new one.

Replace Stove Drip Pans

oven cleaning

Some drip pans are beyond the scrub brush, even for experts of cleaning in Manchester. Replacing them is inexpensive, that’s for sure.

Wash the Wall Behind Wall Portraits

It is not only a place that you miss when you do a partial cleaning of your walls. It is also a hideout for small spiders and flies. Next time you clean your walls, make sure that all portraits and other hanging stuff are removed. The concept is no different from the moving of furniture and carpets – what stays below remains unknown. And the unknown filth is part of the air you are breathing in your home.



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