How To Clean Your Glass, Mirrors & Windows

The common mistakes that we often do while cleaning shiny surfaces and how to avoid them by keeping simple tips in mind.

Honestly what is the first thing you do when you see a stain on a glass or spill something on it? Catch hold of the nearest cleaning paper or cloth or a waste cloth or whatever is available to your disposal. They might clear off the stain superficially, but consider taking a closer look, you will find that still there are some faint stains or perhaps even some light scratches caused by you because you had naively used a dirty cloth to just wipe of the surface!

These scratched or faint surfaces are the primary reason that prevents any surface to shine with all its glory; they are also the cause for the eventual dullness. Here are some simple tips to keep in mind while cleaning smooth surfaces like Glass.

– Use clean paper towels! 

This is the key to shiny surfaces. Often when we clean mirrors we might end up using a cloth (clean or dirty doesn’t matter) but always use paper towels to get the clean, spotless and shiny surface. Using a cloth doesn’t give the spotless finish, and it is worse when you use dirty or used piece of cloth, if they have some grime in them, when you rub it on the smooth surface it will result in scratches that result in permanent dullness of the surface.
You can even use newspaper to clean, there are more economical and are equally efficient as paper towels.
Cleaning Windows and Glassware at Home

– Use water or vinegar

In order to remove stains, just stick on to plain water this is the safest with respect to health environment and even the quality of the glass. Commercial stain removers tend to possess harmful chemicals that erode the polished surface of the glass along with the stain. If the stains are tough consider adding some vinegar or lemon on the stain directly or by diluting it with water considering the toughness of the stain.

– Dust the surface before cleaning.

When you clean your windows, it is really important to first dust it with a soft duster to remover the superficial dirt from the surface before actually wiping the surface with water. Dusting removes dirt particles which will scratch against the glass if directly rubbed with wet paper towels.

These are the three crucial keys you need to know whenever you clean glassy surfaces.

This post has been brought to you thanks to the professional window cleaners in Manchester of Cleaning Please.

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