Cleaning Tips for a Carpet Infested with Pinworms

Usually pinworms can be found in the intestinal tract. Anyone can suffer from a pinworm infestation, but most often elementary school-age children got infected. The eggs of these worms are sticky and can adhere to surfaces such as bedding, carpets, clothing and more soft materials. Sometimes it is hard to tell whether your carpet is infested with pinworms. However, in general, if a member of your family has pinworms, it is very likely the worms are already on your floor covering as well. So, in this article I will show you how to cope with this problem. Just take into account that it is not an instant process- actually it is quite long – a couple of weeks are needed for best results.

pinworms on the carpet

First, let’s make a list with 3 of the main things you will need for this cleaning procedure:

  • vacuum cleaner
  • filters and bags for your vacuum cleaner
  • trash bags

Before starting the actual cleaning process you should first take measures to cure the infected members of your family. Otherwise, there will be no point to get rid of the pests on the floor covering when the infected persons are not taking any medications. All in all you don’t want to have reinfestation once the area has been cleaned.

Now, it is time to prepare for the cleaning of your carpets and rugs. You will need more vacuum cleaner filters or bags. The procedure requires regular vacuuming for some time, so you will need extra trash storage items. Pest control specialists claim that pinworms eggs are really small and it is very easy for them to stick to the filter or bag and you may not notice them. In this case very soon you may have a pinworm infestation again.

Once you are aware about the pest problem, it is advisable to vacuum all carpets and rugs in your home every single day at least for a month. The reason behind this is the fact that existing eggs live for roughly three weeks and pinworms lay eggs for a week, once you have taken measures against them. Carpet cleaning experts in Manchester claim it is a good idea to vacuum with a steam cleaner to make sure even eggs which are deep in the rug pile will be eliminated.

When you are ready with the vacuuming, immediately get rid of the content of the bag or canister. Also don’t forget to tie the bag to prevent the little pests from coming back to your clothes, carpets and other surfaces.

Follow the tips I just shared with you strictly and hopefully you will eliminate the pinworm infestation problem completely. The key is to be patient as this process requires more time than usual.


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