A messy room anyone?

Manchester, one of the world’s mega cities. With it’s vast population and great history the city of Manchester has always been one of the best places to live. With that said it’s obvious that a lot of people have a dream of going there – just to visit or to start a new life. And it’s no wonder that property prices are insanely high over there, after all if you want to live in the best city you have to cope with that.

Of course you don’t necessarily need to buy a mansion, but the least you have to do is to rent a flat somewhere. And you taught it would be cheap – think again, the landlords are not a charity case when it comes to London. But okay, you would at least expect the properties to be nice, clean and tidy for the high prices on the market, and in most of the cases they are. Of course there are always some mind blowing exceptions. Here is one that has been flowing in the net in recent months.

It’s not sure if the landlord was just trying a clever marketing trick or if he was just too lazy and didn’t want to put any effort for that particular flat. The photos that appeared on a letting agency’s website were shocking. There was a tiny flat described as a one bedroom that was ideal for a modern professional or a couple. It’s not only that the place is as small as a tin can, but it’s also a mess in every single room – including the bathroom. Not only that, but the price tag is 825 pounds a month, an amount for which some landlords are giving away reasonable houses for.

The of the flat that have been uploaded to the website look like the tenants have just moved out in a hurry, or as if they are even still there. In the main room you can observe a table overwhelmed with bottles, empty packages of snacks and other after party stuff, the sofa is also covered up with junk and there is something all over the floor that looks like newspaper. Moving to the bedroom one can observe a bed that is turned sideways and looks like there was a vicious pillow fight all over it ( not to mention that the bedroom is the exact size of the bed ). And if you thing that’s bad, moving to the kitchen the situation is even worse. There are dirty dishes, pottery and silverware all over the worktop. Usually tidy kitchens provide the feeling of space, but not in this case.

For the grand finally we go into the bathroom. You’d expect that at least there could be something clean and tidy and you would be wrong again. Every single surface is filled with hygienic supplies – everything from ear matches to tampons is on display. Now that maybe something normal if they’re yours and you’re living there, but if the plan is to make you fall in love with the place it’s failing hard. It seems like the previous tenants have ditched the place, but that doesn’t mean that the landlord shouldn’t call for some professional cleaners to clean up the mess.

Of course there is a theory that the company can just be making some noise in the community. After all we all know that there is not such thing as bad advertising, but in that case I am not so sure. It was a major event and a lot of people were talking about it, but if advertising was the goal it is quite risky. The company later removed the messy pictures from their site, but they will remain in the web for a long long time.

So and advert or just laziness, this case proves that ridiculous things can always happen and even in places like the wonderful Manchester.


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