404 pages you will actually enjoy

So, we’ve all been looking for something and found our selves at that frustrating and “slightly” annoying 404 error page.

404error page

I’ve came across some

error pages on The Net

that actually make you smile and somewhat compel you to stay on that site and take a look around a little more.

Here are some of the best I’ve seen so far. Enjoy and share your thoughts and personal findings in the comments.

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DIY Camper Project – It’s amazing what a couple did with it

Vintage Camper DIY Project

How do you like a little DIY ?

Personally I love all sorts of tinkering and DIY projects. I`ll make sure to share with you my next DIY gaming chair when it’s finished but until then – here’s another threat.

Check out what this couple did to this vintage camper.

1965 Serro Scotty Sportsman camper

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Album Covers Extended by

Hey folks,

after the previous post for about Harvezt’s Dark side of the album covers I thought it might be cool to show not only what’s on “the dark” side of the album covers but to show what would be a suitable part of an extended album cover jpg/png/image (choose your pick).

This is the work of Aptitude

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“The Dark Side Of The Covers” By Harvezt

Harvezt has a collection of illustrations called “The Dark Side of the Covers” which interprets what the reverse side of famous album artwork would look like….

The darkside

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10 Medieval Torture Machines for Your Nightmares – part 1

Torture, pain and ways to make people suffer!

We all have a strange fascination with the ways to make other human beings suffer. Some of the weirdest and scariest stuff has been invented in favour of that.

Here’s some of the most gruesome machines that in my opinion will haunt your nightmares.

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33 Amazing Photos of Riots and Protests All Over The World



Happy new year to all! I am starting the year with some pictures that will help bring back your faith in humanity.
With all the riots, protests and revolutions from the last year we need it.
Hope you like it.


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