Cleaning Tips for a Carpet Infested with Pinworms

Usually pinworms can be found in the intestinal tract. Anyone can suffer from a pinworm infestation, but most often elementary school-age children got infected. The eggs of these worms are sticky and can adhere to surfaces such as bedding, carpets, clothing and more soft materials. Sometimes it is hard to tell whether your carpet is infested with pinworms. However, in general, if a member of your family has pinworms, it is very likely the worms are already on your floor covering as well. So, in this article I will show you how to cope with this problem. Just take into account that it is not an instant process- actually it is quite long – a couple of weeks are needed for best results.

pinworms on the carpet

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15 New and Exciting Life Hacks

I`ll skip the riff-raff and get straight to the point. This is the second part of life hacks I am sharing with you. Make sure you check out the first one too – My Best Life Hacks Will Make Your Day Easier ! Click the read more button to go to the list.


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