How to Build and Maintain a Gaming PC [Part 3]

LogitechOur journey to the gaming hardware world continues. So far, we’ve got Monitors and Hardware configuration covered. What gamers need, to help them control their machine? Yes, that’s right, the peripherals.

While gamers can make some little compromises with their hardware or monitor, peripherals is something they can’t make none with. Mouse, keyboards and game-pads are the things that can really give you an edge in your gaming adventures. The good thing is, they come with a lot of variety. There are plenty of manufacturers and models you can choose from. Continue reading


How to Build and Maintain a Gaming PC [Part 2]

Multi Screen PictureIn the previous part, we talked about the PC configuration on a deep hardware level. We got it all pretty much covered. But our gaming configuration is far from complete. Beside the beast components in our PC case, we need some very important external hardware parts and peripherals, to help us “tame” that beast. Continue reading

How to Build and Maintain a Gaming PC [Part 1]

A gaming PC configurationEvery passionate gamer needs a powerful “weapon” to allow him be a competitive player. When you are playing video games all day, you probably want to make your experience the most enjoyable one. You don’t want to have stuttering, lag or FPS drops in the middle of an epic fight. One powerful enough gaming machine can turn the tides of battle. In this guide, I will show you in some details, how to build up a powerful beast rig, maintain it, and keep your games stutter and lag free.

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How to Clean Your Car

Women cleaning a carAn auto mobile is like a second home for many people. As such, it requires a lot of attention and care. Vehicles get dirty pretty quick because they are exposed to many different factors. The one that matters the most is the weather. Unless you have a garage, your car will suffer from rain storms, snow fall and everything the nature can throw at you, even when you are not driving it. Cleaning the car is essential, but you already know that. What you may wonder is how to do it.

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