Cleaning Tips for a Carpet Infested with Pinworms

Usually pinworms can be found in the intestinal tract. Anyone can suffer from a pinworm infestation, but most often elementary school-age children got infected. The eggs of these worms are sticky and can adhere to surfaces such as bedding, carpets, clothing and more soft materials. Sometimes it is hard to tell whether your carpet is infested with pinworms. However, in general, if a member of your family has pinworms, it is very likely the worms are already on your floor covering as well. So, in this article I will show you how to cope with this problem. Just take into account that it is not an instant process- actually it is quite long – a couple of weeks are needed for best results.

pinworms on the carpet

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How To Clean Your Glass, Mirrors & Windows

The common mistakes that we often do while cleaning shiny surfaces and how to avoid them by keeping simple tips in mind.

Honestly what is the first thing you do when you see a stain on a glass or spill something on it? Catch hold of the nearest cleaning paper or cloth or a waste cloth or whatever is available to your disposal. They might clear off the stain superficially, but consider taking a closer look, you will find that still there are some faint stains or perhaps even some light scratches caused by you because you had naively used a dirty cloth to just wipe of the surface! Continue reading

Small Tasks that Add to the Deep Clean of Your Home

What can you add to your deep cleaning routine of your house?

The thorough cleansing of your residence is that comprehensive, merciless, cleaning that will surely keeps the value of the place you call home. Here are often neglected places where a little more effort wouldn’t hurt. These are the small tasks that add to the deep clean of your home. Continue reading

Hiring a Manchester Carpet Cleaning Company – Simple How To

How to find the best carpet cleaning company in Manchester with the best prices?

If you do not want to lose the warmth supplied by your carpets, you need to select one of the best carpet cleaning  services in Manchester. Whether you may have determined to maintain carpets in your bed room or lounge, the very best cleaning firms can keep them clean and protect their elegant look from sporting off. In any case, nothing will look worse than a ragged, dusty, and stained carpet that appears devoid of proper care and regular cleaning.

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The Importance Of Understanding Your Home Drainage System

Taking good care of your household drainage system

For you to take care of your drains, you firstly need to understand just what they are all about, and how putting different things down toilets can have differing affects.

All of the pipes that lead from your sinks, showers, toilets and bathtubs, including outside drains, all feed into one main drain pipe which connects to the residential drain line, eventually taking your waste away with all neighbouring houses’ to the main sewer. Continue reading

404 pages you will actually enjoy

So, we’ve all been looking for something and found our selves at that frustrating and “slightly” annoying 404 error page.

404error page

I’ve came across some

error pages on The Net

that actually make you smile and somewhat compel you to stay on that site and take a look around a little more.

Here are some of the best I’ve seen so far. Enjoy and share your thoughts and personal findings in the comments.

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DIY Camper Project – It’s amazing what a couple did with it

Vintage Camper DIY Project

How do you like a little DIY ?

Personally I love all sorts of tinkering and DIY projects. I`ll make sure to share with you my next DIY gaming chair when it’s finished but until then – here’s another threat.

Check out what this couple did to this vintage camper.

1965 Serro Scotty Sportsman camper

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Protect Your Home From Rising Damp With Damp Proofing Services

Damp problems can be caused by condensation, penetration of rain water, rising damp or leaking pipes. A leak can be spotted by a localised damp patch and can lead to wet rot or penetrating damp. Rising damp is normally found at the bottom of walls and is a particular problem in ground floor apartments. Continue reading

Mould Restoration and Prevention in Your Home

The winter of 2013 brought miserable wet weather to most parts of the UK and many people are now suffering with mould problems in their home after flood damage. Mould is a fungus that occurs naturally but its place is not in your home. Its presence can cause problems for people who have weak respiratory systems and those susceptible to allergies. As well as this it causes damage to soft furnishings, paper, books and makes your walls and ceilings look dirty and unattractive.

UK 2013 floods


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